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On Ranch Training

     In my opinion the best way you (or your hands) learn to improve the behavior of your cattle by learning on your cattle, in the environment you are working in. When teaching, I also include horsemanship, and different range management techniques to improve your ranch.

Cost for on ranch training $2,000 for five days plus expenses.  There are things I can do to cut your expenses.   If  you want to discuss this further, email me your phone number and I'll give you a free phone consultation.

If you would like me to speak at your convention or banquet, I am available at the rate of $500 per day plus expenses.

Reduced Stress Cattle Handling For The Feedlot
      It is often overlooked that the pen riders are the foundation of the feedlot. A good pen riders, using low stress methods will save their feedlot millions of dollars a year in unseen profits. To be a good pen rider, one not only needs to recognize sick cattle, but also know the instincts of how cattle will react to their own actions and how to handle their horses in order to capitalize on this. This is not something that can be learned from a video or simply watching a demonstration for an hour. It is also a fact that many pen riders despise these kinds of training sessions and look for reasons why the methods won't work. There is also the problem of pen riders who are off on the day of training who have no possibility to benefit.

     My program consists of six days riding with your pen riders in their daily work. I go over the basics of cattle instinct and how to use their horses to capitalize on these instincts. In order to give you the most benefit, I ride with each section two full days, and split those days so that the person who was off on the first day will get training the second. This also allows a follow up day if someone has questions. 
$2,000 plus expenses.

                                                    Introductory Clinics
  These two day clinics are unique in several ways.
  1. There will never be more than seven other people in a class with you. This allows for more personalized instruction and more time learning by doing.
  2. 85% of getting the most out of your horse, or handling cattle in an efficient, low stress manner is "intuitive feel." Throughout the class we concentrate on "TBFF" or Timing, Balance, Feel & Focus.
  3. Arena drills are replaced with riding habits which improve horsemanship skills as you are working, without interfering with work (which is why classes are in the pasture rather than arena)
  4. Everything from horsemanship to cattle handling situations are taught by "explanation, demonstration, walk though and do." 

If you are interested in hosting a clinic contact me.  Prices will be $200 per person with a minimum of four / maximum of five participants (not including host's riders) to hold the clinic. This is an opportunity to  get your yearlings settled and turned out without hiring extra help.

Feel free to contact me about these programs or to discuss streamlining your infrastructure by email or calling me at 432.284.1553. With over 35 years handling cattle in all environments but swamps, I am here to help you with all of your cow herd management problems.


Herd Behavior
Watching the Gate
Cost effectiveness of intensive grazing
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Bud Williams Stockmanship
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