Blending the art of low stress stockmanship with the science of planned biological grazing

Bob Kinford began working livestock as a young boy in northern California. With only a two year break as a veterinary specialist in the USAF his adult life has been spent working cattle and horses on ranches and feedlots in nine western states, eventually winding up settling in Culberson County Texas with his wife and son in 2005. 

Also interested in grazing methods and forage development, he has followed Alan Savory's holistic grazing methods since the mid 1970's. Eventually Bob unlocked the secret to instilling herd instinct in cattle so that ranches can follow the holistic, intensive grazing plans without the need of cutting ranches up into small paddocks. Chris Gill of the Circle Ranch in far west Texas had him run over 400 cows through their 32,000 acre grazing plan in this method in their 2014/2015 grazing season. According to Mr. Gill this achieved "80 percent of the desired results with only 20 percent of the effort."

Bob has taught these methods at schools in the US, Mexico and Australia. He was also a member of the panel at the 1st Annual Bud Williams Stockmanship Symposium, a speaker on the Ecology and grazing management  section of the 2015 SRM Symposium in Sacramento, California and also the New Mexico Indian Days Livestock Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

To see how Bob may help you reclaim your ranch, help convert your present holistic grazing to a simplified one with fewer fences, or have him speak at your event, just email or call him at 432.284.1553

Alejandro Carillo, Chihuahua, Mexico states:

We had the opportunity to have Bob at the ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico last week. It was a great learning experience seeing how he was able to move our cattle without stress them out and bunch them up to act as one herd. We also learned a great deal of horsemanship as well as many other experiences Bob was willing to share. The cost/benefit of having Bob at the ranch was excellent. I highly recommend Bob's services."