Blending the art of low stress stockmanship with the science of planned biological grazing

      The biggest contributing factor in the behavior of your cattle is your behavior. Their behavior is only their natural reaction to the combination of how often you handle them with how you actually handle them. Much of the sickness in cattle is also directly related to their stress level.

      Using either low stress cattle handling techniques, or planned biological, holistic grazing can improve the bottom line of your ranch. Before we start trying to learn either one (or both), we need to acknowledge the fact that the older we get the harder it is to learn new things. When it come to re-learning things we are already doing, such as cattle handling or grazing cattle, we are basically trying to tell our own brain it isn't right, which is hard to do. How this works is demonstrated in this video (will open in a new window, and well worth the watch just to tweak your mind into learning mode.) 

     Low stress handling methods will increase the ADG of your herd, adding to your bottom line while reducing labor costs, increasing your profits. Holistic, biological planned grazing (done properly) will increase the amount of forage your ranch will grow.
One of the common misconceptions about this kind of grazing is that one has to add too much infrastructure to be cost effective. However this kind of grazing allows you to not only increase stocking rates, but also increases wildlife which also and  increases ranch profits.