Increasing profitability and forage density through better cattle handling
Bud  WIlliams
Stockmanship Journal
Cowboy Conservation
Holistic Management International
Savory Institute

      Stockmanship is one of those life long schools where you never know everything there is to know. Stress on cattle directly affects daily gains, shrink, sickness (and related costs) as well as how much labor you need. Perhaps one of the least known benefits of better stockmanship is how it can be used to increase forage on your ranch enough to raise your stocking rates. The following short video is a simple explanation of why today's conventional set stock or simple rotational grazing are detrimental, and have caused desertification of millions of acres of grasslands across the southwestern United States over the last 100 years.

This next video pertains to handling cattle in a way which will allow you to follow Holistic grazing plans without extra fencing.

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Alejandro Carillo, Chihuahua, Mexico states:

   We had the opportunity to have Bob at the ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico last week. It was a great learning experience seeing how he was able to move our cattle without stress them out and bunch them up to act as one herd. We also learned a great deal of horsemanship as well as many other experiences Bob was willing to share. The cost/benefit of having Bob at the ranch was excellent. I highly recommend Bob's services."