Blending the art of low stress stockmanship with the science of planned biological grazing
     While it is relatively simple to do, the concept of instilling herd instinct into your cattle is one that is hard to grasp because it challenges everything we have been taught. Despite what we have believed all of our lives, cattle are no different than any other herd animal and will come together to graze as a herd if all of the stress is removed. 
     The hardest part of learning the the stockmanship methods which will allow you to practice regenerative grazing practices and putting them to practice is overcoming our preconceived notions of what we need to do to handle cattle, and the notions that cattle naturally graze away from each other. 
     While it is simple, it is also impossible to convey through written words, or ground based video. No matter how many times I may write that it is easier and less stressful to turn a cow by riding in the opposite direction you are wanting the cow to turn, our minds cannot accept it as fact as it defies out sense of logic. Even a head mounted camera isn't sufficient to convey the angles an distances one is working at in a way which we can comprehend it. For this reason I teamed up with Mapache Media to produce a droned based video demonstrating how easily it is to completely change the behavior of cattle to the point they begin acting like a herd.
     Rather than make an unrealistic movie with gentle cattle, and a lot of feed, we used a local ranch with little feed, and cattle that (other than being trapped on water to wean) hadn't been handled or moved horseback in one to five years. Adding to the reality of it all, it takes place on a 4,400 acre pasture, with three water points for cattle to drink, and no cross-fencing.  The hope is that some people will be advanced enough they will be able to grasp the concept and accomplish it without help.


If you like the concept, but need help I do travel to ranches to conduct schools upon request. Currently we are  tentatively scheduling schools in Mexico, Australia, and the USA.  Class sizes are limited to 10 riders and priced to be more economical than traditional video/lecture based schools where you never work a cow. Please feel free to  Email me if you are interested in holding a school in the US, Australia or Canada. For schools in Mexico, please contact Pedro Dominguez on Facebook. 

The trailer for Stockmanship 101 (rebooting herd instinct) is below, and available on Amazon for $35.